BUPA Aged Care in Thomastown brings Gardening Joy to Residents 2012

“I have a clear view from my office and I often see residents outside watering, picking, or simply admiring the sensory garden. I can proudly say that we were the first BUPA home to purchase one and I would strongly recommend these to other aged care homes…” Kathryn Russell, Manager, BUPA Thomastown 

"I find that you learn more about your residents through gardening than almost anything else. The reminiscence sessions just flow without cues or prompts. One of my ladies went out to the courtyard everyday when the spring onions were mature, picking 1 or 2 each time, munching away once washed under the tap, and being so happy with herself. There would not have been this opportunity for her to do this if we didn’t have such an accessible garden for all to enjoy."... Jo Bozin, Life Style Coordinator

Diversional Therapist, Jo Bozin has worked miracles with her Vertical Garden Tower - maintaining a sensory/food garden at BUPA Thomastown that has already produced over 200 meals for the kitchen and brought back the joys of gardening to residents.

Jo Bozin is ‘hat’ it again! 

I spent a delightful afternoon a guest of Jo and her team at BUPA Thomastown to see the ongoing benefits that residents there are enjoying from their vertical garden tower. Jo had made me a living ‘garden tower’ hat to wear at the “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’. The residents and I enjoyed an absolute feast of dips and sandwiches made with fresh produce from their vertical garden tower.
I was impressed to see CAULIFLOWERS and sweet peppers among the usual herbs and veggies in her vertical garden-but knowing Jo Bozin’s enthusiasm for her fresh produce, I doubt if there’s a vegetable that wouldn’t grow for her!