GARSY® Vertical Garden Kit- DIY Mobiwall

Arguably the best, most robust, double sided, vertical garden kit system with enclosed base 500 mm wide that is perfect for creating hedging, screening or intimate dining zones.

Produce a year round supply of fresh, healthy food for the family or add drama to your property with lush foliage. Design your own flexible vertical garden layout which can also be placed against a wall – then take it with you when you move! Plants grow in their natural vertical plane thus removing the need to train plants togrow vertically from horizontal ‘plugging’.  Allow 8- 10 weeks for delivery.

Key Features -  Mobiwall

  • DIY kit system lets you design to your needs

  • Easy to erect in minutes yet lasts for years

  • Water saving when compared to traditional pots

  • No excavation required – just get DIGGING in your vertical garden

  • Ideal for small spaces, cafes, plazas, balconies, rooftops

  • Immediate results – no more kneeling or bad backs

Dimensions - Mobiwall

  • Current model 1200 x 1200 x 600

  • Further Information

Vertical Garden Mobiwall Cafe Brochure

Vertical Garden Product Range (ppt. file 996kb takes a few seconds to download)

The Benefits of Vertical Gardening with GARSY®

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