GARSY® Greenwall system– double sided 500m footprint

DIY VERTICAL GARDEN KITS, soil based system, large ‘dig in’ root space, no hydroponics

Greenwall is a proven to be one of the best long life, steel vertical garden systems that can be fully customised for your project in either single or double sided versions. Create an instant ‘living’, vertical vegetable garden screen for intimate dining areas or a long life hedge feature with a double sided Greenwall system. Allow 8- 10 weeks for delivery.

The large volume of potting media in this successful Greenwall kit system results in optimum root development, balanced moisture, an even temperature and resulting plant longevity. Pick up a copy of this little DIY Vertical Gardens and Greenwalls book and you'll be running lushness up the walls in no time.

Key Features - Greenwall DIY kit system   

  • galvanized steel, 100% recyclable or in CorTen steel (rust look) 100% recyclable
  • plantable on both sides and also ends- ideal for vertical vegetable gardens
  • huge root space compared to other vertical garden systems
  • easy to erect modular assembly without size limitations
  • high water retention properties
  • endless planting options - huge range of plants, food produce
  •  integrated irrigation system included
  • noise reducing effect and thermal insulation properties 
  •  8 litres of substrate per plant / 44 plants per square metre

Dimensions - Greenwall system

  • 30mm between each tier
  • basket is 200mm high x 225mm deep x 980mm long
  • full double sided width is 225mm+50mm+225mm
  • matt black, powder coated uprights 50mm sq.
  • uprights should be set in concrete for security but optional bases available

Further Greenwall Information

So which Greenwall Vertical Garden system is for you?


The Value of Vertical Gardening with GARSY®

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