GARSY® Greenwall system– single sided 275mm footprint- perfect for vertical vegetable gardens

The secret of success lies in the large root space and long life reliability of this steel vertical garden kit system. The large volume of potting media in this successful Greenwall system results in optimum root development, balanced moisture, an even temperature and resulting plant longevity.

GARSY® vertical gardens and Greenwalls are arguably the best, the simplest and most easily assembled and maintained vertical garden systems on the market today. This ‘low tech’, galvanised steel vertical garden kit system is ideal for both commercial and residential properties, schools, restaurants, hospitals, shopping precincts and for transforming barren rooftops into lush, sophisticated, living spaces.

Before and After Greenwall pdf.

DIY VERTICAL GARDEN KITS, soil based system, large ‘dig in’ root space, no hydroponics

Reduce your energy bills while enhancing your property - Greenwall is a proven vertical garden system that can be fully customised for your project.  Greenwall is also available freestanding in either flat backed (single sided) or double sided systems.


Key Features - Greenwall DIY kit system

  • galvanized steel, 100% recyclable or in CorTen steel (rust look) 100% recyclable
  • huge root space compared to other vertical garden systems
  • easy to erect modular assembly without size limitations
  • fully customisable, around doors & windows 
  • high water retention properties
  • removable tiers (baskets)
  • endless planting options - huge range of plants, food produce
  • integrated irrigation system included
  • noise reducing effect and thermal insulation properties
  • 6 litres of substrate per plant/22 plants per square metre      

Dimensions -  Greenwall DIY kit system

  • 30mm between each tier
  • Module is 200mm high x 225mm x 1000mm long
  • Matt black, powder coated uprights 50mm sq.

Watch this video below to see how quick and easy it is to install a Greenwall DIY kit system

  • First you anchor the steel uprights into the wall using appropriate bolts, then just hook on all the baskets
  • Total Greenwall installation took 4 hours with 2 to 3 people
  • This Greenwall wall is 5900 x 2400 mm = 14.16 sq.m

So which Greenwall Vertical Garden system is for you?


The Value of Vertical Gardening with GARSY®

See some photos of Greenwall installations in the gallery

Need something smaller for your balcony?

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With the popularity and versatility of vertical gardening systems, there are now several designs of Greenwall systems on the market for both aesthetic and productive Greenwalls. It is important to have an understanding of the strengths of each Greenwall system and the maintenance each type requires so you can enjoy the benefits, not just in the weeks following the installation but in the years to come. This little book by Keri Algar is all you need.