Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2007

‘The Garsy® offered us the ability to create and present a finished flowering display of product – which we generally sell in the young green seedling stage. I was apprehensive about actual structure longevity, flexibility to relocate and ability of the plants to grow/flower evenly and be displayed for long periods of time without plant quality being affected. All of these issues are of minimal concern after growing and displaying in the Garsy’s®.
Flexibility to relocate the display was a critical factor in the decision to purchase the structure. Additionally the Garsy® allows us the opportunity to create new display designs, over a number of years utilizing the one original structure. I have already recommended the product to others and would have no hesitation in recommending the concept to hospitals, retirement homes (Vegetable and herb crops) councils, landscape architects, retailers of all types, (not just horticultural) and event managers.’  Andrew White, Manager, Oasis Horticulture, Australia.

Perfect for herbs and veggies or if you prefer, strawberries too! Oasis Horticulture, Australia use the Garsy® vertical gardening system to display their plant varieties at horticultural shows and retail garden centres.