GARSY® Vertical Garden Kit - Round Tower

Product Code: RMS120, RMS160, RMS200, RMS240

The patented GARSY® vertical garden tower kit is available in four heights and comprises a series of galvanised steel rings, mounted and fixed around a central axis set in a base. The concept is very successful because unlike many ‘potted’ displays, this design ensures that plant roots have ample space to grow, temperature and moisture extremes are minimised and risk of root rot reduced. Water consumption and maintenance are less than for plants in pots with limited root space.

These vertical garden tower kits have brought back the joys of gardening to residents in the Aged Care Sector and added stunning drama to racecourses, garden centres and wholesale nurseries as well as to the streets of Melbourne, Sydney, Launceston, Wanganui and Porirua. Allow 8- 10 weeks for delivery.

From a flat pack kit to the best fully planted vertical garden in only a couple of hours

Key Features -  Vertical Garden Tower

  • easily assembled with a spanner and a pair of gloves!
  • hand water or use an optional drip system
  • no excavation required for installation
  • enormous root space allows plants to grow to their full potential
  • easily moved by forklift or crane, even when planted

Dimensions - Vertical Garden Towers

RM120, RM160 have base dia. 950mm

RM200, RM240 have base dia. of 1150 mm

Further Information -  Vertical Garden Towers

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