DIY Vertical Gardens Book

Spring is here and if you are still hesitant about setting up a DIY vertical garden or Greenwall at home, rejoice, help is at hand 24/7. This little book 'DIY Vertical Gardens...Expert Advice for Greenwalls and Living Walls at Home' by Keri Algar is a little 'must have' gem.  I am happy to promote this easy read because Keri empowers and educates even the pinkest thumb to succeed with creating a vertical garden at home without having a horticultural degree!

Keri's research has brought you a book choc full of tips and 'I can do this' techniques for creating a healthy, well built vertical garden or greenwall that will GIVE more than it will take out of you to manage.

In this little pocket wizard, you will find easy to follow, horticultural advice for growing lush foliage, vegetables and flowers in small spaces, indoors and out.

But there's much more-  you'll find home remedies for insecticides and fungicides which will save you money. If you are a parent worried about little Johnny getting dirt on his hands, read the section on why bugs in soil are good for the brain!

Did you know that succulents can suffer sunburn? What are plants telling you when they go 'leggy'?

There's an excellent chapter on potting mixtures and growth media with Australian horticulturist and Greenwall expert John Daly and whether you're into veggies or flowers, there's a handy troubleshooting guide and some quick reference checklists to keep you gardening like a pro.
Of course I can't forget to thank Keri for including the steel system I sell too.  Thanks Keri, I also love the way you've scattered quotes around the pages like little seeds helping our imaginations to germinate.

Indoor office plants improve performance and productivity

"According to study Greening the Great Indoors for Human Health and Wellbeing published by Dr Fraser Torpy and colleagues, “Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emitted from synthetic materials in office furniture, fittings and computers can cause headaches, loss of concentration and other health problems.”

“Plants can also reduce dust levels, refresh air and stabilise temperature and humidity levels…employers will also be interested to hear that this clean air leads to clearer thinking, which in turn promotes greater productivity and efficiency.”

This endorses the value and benefits of indoor Greenwalls but from an environmental perspective, let's not forget the possible extra lighting/power consumption, potential for moulds, fungal growth, ventilation adjustments etc. that also need to be taken into account when installing larger scale Greenwalls.