DIY Vertical Gardens Book

Spring is here and if you are still hesitant about setting up a DIY vertical garden or Greenwall at home, rejoice, help is at hand 24/7. This little book 'DIY Vertical Gardens...Expert Advice for Greenwalls and Living Walls at Home' by Keri Algar is a little 'must have' gem.  I am happy to promote this easy read because Keri empowers and educates even the pinkest thumb to succeed with creating a vertical garden at home without having a horticultural degree!

Keri's research has brought you a book choc full of tips and 'I can do this' techniques for creating a healthy, well built vertical garden or greenwall that will GIVE more than it will take out of you to manage.

In this little pocket wizard, you will find easy to follow, horticultural advice for growing lush foliage, vegetables and flowers in small spaces, indoors and out.

But there's much more-  you'll find home remedies for insecticides and fungicides which will save you money. If you are a parent worried about little Johnny getting dirt on his hands, read the section on why bugs in soil are good for the brain!

Did you know that succulents can suffer sunburn? What are plants telling you when they go 'leggy'?

There's an excellent chapter on potting mixtures and growth media with Australian horticulturist and Greenwall expert John Daly and whether you're into veggies or flowers, there's a handy troubleshooting guide and some quick reference checklists to keep you gardening like a pro.
Of course I can't forget to thank Keri for including the steel system I sell too.  Thanks Keri, I also love the way you've scattered quotes around the pages like little seeds helping our imaginations to germinate.

Vertical Vegetable Gardens

Fancy home grown veggies but only have limited space or a 'concrete yard'?  No problem. Vertical vegetable gardening is the delicious answer!

Vertical Gardening has its challenges and so to, does growing vegetables. If you have a basic understanding of the principles of vertical gardening and the few requirements that vegetables have to really thrive, you are more likely to have a positive experience with your vertical vegetable garden.

Root Space is Key

Vertical gardens typically have more restricted root space than those in the ground so find a system that has plenty of root space for your vegetables and you’ll be off to a great start. If you have ever grown vegetables in pots, you will know how important it is to keep the soil (potting media) temperatures and moisture levels as even as possible. Plants that become heat or water stressed quickly lose vigour; leafy vegetables often ‘bolt’ to seed in these conditions, resulting in very poor production.

Triple your existing growing space

So… a great solution for space restricted gardeners is to ditch the pots and use the Garsy vertical garden system. Growing a substantial produce garden using pots takes up a lot of floor space. The Garsy vertical garden systems actually CREATE gardening space, you can triple the square metreage of your area by going vertical and reap an abundant harvest!

No pots- No trays!

The soil volumes in the Garsy systems are huge compared to pots and many other vertical gardening systems. In this vertical gardening system, plant roots can travel around in over half a cubic metre of soil media volume. This large volume of soil helps tremendously with maintaining even temperatures and moisture levels – saving you time and water when compared to other vertical garden systems and other planters.

Looking good

Your vegetables will thrive in this vertical garden system but importantly, they also look sensational. Your vertical garden will become a feature in any space – a living wall of green that beautifies and also feeds the whole family. Aesthetics are so important in restricted areas but everyone deserves fresh salad on hand!

Feeding Tips

Due to the large body of soil media in the Garsy systems, plants are able to draw from a large supply of nutrients. Regular feeding with traditional liquid fertilisers from a watering can and some slow release fertiliser a few times a year is all that is required.

No moving parts

Many vertical vegetable garden systems are based on hydroponic methods of growing where the plants are anchored to a matting or foam and have further systems that control watering and fertiliser solution applications; however the Garsy vertical garden system is based on a traditional, low-tech gardening experience. This vertical vegetable garden is filled with soil media (potting mix) from top to bottom and essentially you just plant your favourite vegetable seeds or seedlings into the exposed tiers of potting media with your trowel and water them in. You can simply hand water your vertical vegetable garden with harvested rain or mains water with any method you like, watering can, hose or use the included automated dripper system.

 Year in Year out

Once your vegetables have had their season, simply remove them and plant your vertical vegetable garden with your new favourites. Why stop at vegetables though, strawberries and herbs do incredibly well too! Don’t miss the next article in this series, “Vertical Gardening with Herbs” and for a free guide on the common mistakes to AVOID when growing veggies and herbs fill in this form


Use Your Vertical Garden to Create a Health Enhancing 'Wall of WOW'

GARSY® Greenwall: Create a Health-Enhancing Wall of 'wealth' when it comes to the health benefits for you and your family.

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed and to have my senses put in order.” – John Burroughs

Taste is a very important sense!

Vertical gardening for home grown fresh food is skyrocketing in popularity and using systems like the long life, steel GARSY® Greenwall, is easy to achieve, to enjoy and to bring good health to your family for years to come.


In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Blanc explained the importance of vertical gardens:

“I think the biggest thing to highlight is the positive psychological effect vertical walls have on those who look at them. Instead of there being nothing or maybe a scrawl of graffiti, a simple wall can become something poetic.”

GREEN IS GOOD so why not reconsider that 'aesthetic' plant list to include a few foods- or sneak a few greens in amidst the foliage?

AS mentioned in the previous article, in addition to having that Wow factor, green spaces such as vertical gardens impact the health and wellness of human beings. Research shows that exposure to vegetation results in:

  • reduced mental fatigue and improved cognitive performance
  • reduced stress and an increase in positive moods
  • improved focus and a boost in energy

Hospital recovery rooms with plants in them (or even a view of greenery through a window) show a reduction in the time necessary to heal from surgery. Students in educational settings where plants are incorporated into the environment show improved concentration—particularly evident in students who are easily distracted. Hello kitchen gardens for primary schools?

If you are looking to create some health-enhancing Wow in your building projects, contact us at eden NOW to learn more about the single and double sided GARSY® Greenwalls – now available in CorTen steel.