Joost Bakker literally 'takes the piss' to create fertiliser!

The average Australian family produces almost 100,000 litres of grey water per year. 

This is enough to grow grow 60 tonnes of potatoes and 40 tons


of tomatoes. Soil creates life and if we use it for Greenroofs and Greenwalls we can filter grey water and use the sun's energy to produce abundant quantities of food. You may cringe at the thought but nutrient rich urine can be turned into excellent fertiliser too!

Joost Bakker's TED talk last year is really worth listening to so grab a coffee and enjoy these few minutes of inspiration and common sense.  "Driven by making a difference to the world, Joost's innovations in building materials, waste treatment and nutrition are attracting global interest. Living in a time where there are many challenges and uncertainties regarding resources and the state of the environment, people are welcoming Joost's pioneering ideas and thinking. Joost is regularly invited to share the principles behind what he does,in order to inspire others to contribute to a better future."