Greenwall plants which rid the air of pollutants

plants combat pollutants in the air

Plants soothe humans

Having plants around our home filters VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the air and greatly reduces stress related depression. Research has found that both plant leaves and the micro - organisms in soil are effective in removing airborne doses of pollutants such as benzene from the air we breathe within in 24 hours.  Children also learn better when they spend time around plants. 'The  act of nurturing something is a way for people to work through issues surrounding traumatic events and improve their mental health'   Aldous 2000

Amazingly, you do not need acres of living wall or hundreds of indoor plants to do the trick either.

According to NASA, for plants to be effective 'air cleaners', you need to use 1 x 15cm plant per 9sq. m of footprint.

So... a 60cm square panel of plants (24 plants) can treat 223 sq. m

A smaller 30cm x 60 cm  wall with 12 plants will be enough to treat 111 sq.m  Source George Irwin.

Here is a list of plants that are easily adaptable to a living wall and which require very little maintenance, water or fertiliser:

  • Areca Palm
  • Boston Fern
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Pothos: Neon, Marbel and Queen Jade
  • Snake plant
  • Spider Plant
  • Peace Lily

For general room placement

These plants are most effective and one-2 plants should be allowed for approx. 10sq .m  of floor space, assuming an average ceiling height of 2.4- 2.7m  so try  3-5 pots of:

  • Reed palm, date palm, dwarf date palm
  • Draecena
  • Australian sword fern
  • Rubber plant
  • Weeping fig

Remember: while light is important, some plants (those that originated from the dense shade of tropical rain forests) can be placed away from windows. Keep a balance between light and ventilation because the effect of plants on indoor air pollution appears to be reduced if they are set in a draft.

Source Annie B Bond