Vertical Garden Fashion at Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

It sounds a silly thing to say when describing a garden show but I was pleased to see that at this year's show, plants in the show gardens had returned in profusion. I did not expect to see these quirky and creative interpretations of vertical gardens in the Great Hall of Flowers. It just shows that vertical gardens can be created in almost anything.

A few gay teapots adorning a post added a whimsical, 'vertical garden' back drop to this clever student's cloak of wearable art!

Use Your Vertical Garden to Create a Health Enhancing 'Wall of WOW'

GARSY® Greenwall: Create a Health-Enhancing Wall of 'wealth' when it comes to the health benefits for you and your family.

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed and to have my senses put in order.” – John Burroughs

Taste is a very important sense!

Vertical gardening for home grown fresh food is skyrocketing in popularity and using systems like the long life, steel GARSY® Greenwall, is easy to achieve, to enjoy and to bring good health to your family for years to come.


In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Blanc explained the importance of vertical gardens:

“I think the biggest thing to highlight is the positive psychological effect vertical walls have on those who look at them. Instead of there being nothing or maybe a scrawl of graffiti, a simple wall can become something poetic.”

GREEN IS GOOD so why not reconsider that 'aesthetic' plant list to include a few foods- or sneak a few greens in amidst the foliage?

AS mentioned in the previous article, in addition to having that Wow factor, green spaces such as vertical gardens impact the health and wellness of human beings. Research shows that exposure to vegetation results in:

  • reduced mental fatigue and improved cognitive performance
  • reduced stress and an increase in positive moods
  • improved focus and a boost in energy

Hospital recovery rooms with plants in them (or even a view of greenery through a window) show a reduction in the time necessary to heal from surgery. Students in educational settings where plants are incorporated into the environment show improved concentration—particularly evident in students who are easily distracted. Hello kitchen gardens for primary schools?

If you are looking to create some health-enhancing Wow in your building projects, contact us at eden NOW to learn more about the single and double sided GARSY® Greenwalls – now available in CorTen steel.