Vertical Gardens: The good, the bad, the ugly

The above title by Betty Earl was used 3 years ago for her timely article which encouraged us all to thoroughly understand what is involved in achieving success with a vertical garden.  Since then, the popularity of vertical gardens has seen meteoric growth.  However, the points Betty made back then are even more relevant today, given the range of widely different vertical garden systems now on the market so I thought it worth posting Betty’s reminder here.  Photo courtesy Betty Earl.

The average gardener still doesn’t understand the maintenance requirements associated with the needs of  plants in vertical garden systems... so If you are considering buying a vertical garden system and the sales ‘discussion’ does not cover the relevant information as highlighted by Betty… ASK!

P.S The Garsy vertical gardens from eden NOW are proven to be reliable in 22 countries, in extremes of climate and are designed to support plant needs with the easiest of maintenance.