Vertical Gardens, Vertical farms and now - Vertical Forests

How do you nourish Nature - starved communities in polluted cities that are barren of landscape?  By encouraging more architects and urban planners to follow the lead of visionary architects like Stefano Boeri Architetti who gave us the world's first 'Vertical Forest' building, Bosco Verticale, in Milan (Milan is one of the most polluted cities in Europe). In their quest to combat urban sprawl and bring back the benefits of living in a truly natural, cleaner/greener environment, this team 'gets it.' A second eco friendly building of theirs is due to be started in Lausanne in Switzerland next year and several hundred people in China are also in line to enjoy the benefits of a third project, 'The Mountain Hotel' in Guizhou.

'The Mountain Hotel project will be a 250-room hotel inspired by nature and so green that it will actually improve the air around it. That's because, like the firm’s other green buildings, this one will be covered in greenery from the foundation to the roof.'
Biophilic design at its best, let's repeat what works.